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Rehabber Pro’s founder, Marcus Hairston has rehabbed and sold over 100 houses.

He is passionate about rehabbing and created this site to share his knowledge with other investors to help them achieve financial independence.

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Top 7 Ways to Fund Your Next Deal

Top 7 Ways to Fund Your Next Deal

Believe it or not, finding the money is not the most difficult part of investing. Finding the deal is. Once you have located a great deal, all you have to is shop it around to various lenders and potential partners. The money will come! Below is a brief list of a few...

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Things to Consider When Creating Your Scope of Work

Things to Consider When Creating Your Scope of Work

Are you looking to create a scope of work for your next rehab project? A good contractor is going to ask you for your scope of work. This is one of the most important things needed to get your project started. This is the official document that initiates your project...

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3 Keys to Effectively Manage Your Rehab

3 Keys to Effectively Manage Your Rehab

Effective project management is required to complete any renovation project. Just because you hire a general contractor doesn’t mean your project will be effectively coordinated. It’s critical that the renovation is handled in the proper order and you establish a...

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