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Learn to be a full or part time real estate investor!

Bus Tour on April 27, 2024

9am - 4pm

Real Estate Investing is a Game of Chess. You must know the next 3 to 5 moves, stop treating it like you're playing Checkers.

You will learn to plan your next 3 to 5 moves.

Rehabber Pro's Real Estate Investing

Virtual Bus Tour and Estimating Repairs Workshop

Estimating Repairs, Creating a Scope of Work (SOW), and Understanding the Permit Process

Are You Estimating Repair Cost Correctly?
Are You Able To Understand Your Contractors’ Prices?
Are You Afraid Of Losing Money Because You Can't Estimate Repairs?

Learn Structured Real Estate Investing

In this RE Investor Bus Tour for Novice

Rehabber Pro’s Virtual Bus Tour and Estimating Repairs Workshop is a one day event designed to give detailed numbers for estimating repairs.  You will have the opportunity to virtually walk through several investment properties with an expert real estate investor, realtor and licensed contractor. The tour will allow you to see multiple investment properties in various stages of rehab in real time, as well as, give you tips and tricks for estimating repairs.

You will spend the day in class learning the various aspects of estimating repairs for the specific areas of the home. After the morning session, we will break for lunch and/or breakout sessions. You will then return to reboard our virtual bus tour and we will walk you through a few more houses for you to practice your estimating repair skills learned early morning.

Don’t Miss the Rehabber Pro Virtual Bus Tour!

Things you'll learn on this bus tour

A day of real estate investing!

Discuss the specific cost of the most common repair items.

Let us show you what to look for when walking through properties.

We will show you how to put together a killer scope of work.

Learn the process of rehabbing a house using the correct order of rehab.

Understand why layout and design is so important.

Understand the permit process.

Here’s what people are saying about the

Rehabber Pro Virtual

Bus Tour and Estimating Repairs Workshop

For real estate investing

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up!

Walk away with an understanding of how to EVALUATE & ESTIMATE properties in 20 minutes.

Learn the 3 TOP MISTAKES rehabbers make and how to avoid "Profit Stealers."
We will teach you how to avoid these costly mistakes and increase your profit. 

Learn how to INCREASE Your Return On Investment (ROI) on every deal…Guaranteed!
We will teach you about the hidden cost of rehabbing to maximize profit. 

Learn how to sharpen your skills on estimating repairs!
Experience the entire process of estimating repairs in detail, drawing from our extensive knowledge.

Learn how to Establish Your Buying Criteria.
We will help you create your buying criteria so you know which properties to buy.

Learn what to look for and how to evaluate properties.
We will show you EXACTLY what to look for during a walk through.

Learn the Detailed Process of how to walk a property.
Know the order of the rehab and items to check that will ruin the deal.

Learn the Specific Costs of the Most Common Repair Items.
We will teach you methods for obtaining the specific cost of the most common repairs when rehabbing a house. 

Estimate Repairs
Create Scope of Work
Understand the Permit Process
Walk Through Properties
  • You will have access our power team
  • Professional Real Estate Assessment with a limited number of distractions
  • Connect with other Real Estate Investors in Real Time

Real Estate Investor & Instructor Marcus Hairston

Marcus Hairston
Virtual Bus Tour

Live Ugly Property Walk Thru



  • Virtual Bus Tour thru Baltimore
  • Sample Scope of Work
  • Estimating Repairs Checklist
Virtual Bus Tour +

VIP Upgrade

Workshop After the Bus Tour



  • Everything in Virtual Bus Tour
  • Investor Purchase Agreement
  • Investor Assignment Contract
  • Independent Contractors Agreement
  • Order of Rehab Guide
  • Scope of Work Guide
  • Follow The Expert In The Trenches
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Bus Tour
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April 27, 2024


Bus Tour walk through

Joseph Child - Mortgage Lender

The bus tour was extremely informative.


Class is in depth

Dienese Gilbert - RE Investor - Mastery Student

The class was in depth and compelling.

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