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Real Estate Investor Education & Training

We provide a unique educational experience giving students real hands on training in the trenches of real estate. Learn our systems and processes for creating a successful real estate business in any state and at any time. Our time tested processes work in any economy and we can teach you how to successfully invest with no money and even if you don’t have good credit. We are passionate about real estate and enjoy teaching others how to create a successful real estate business and ultimately financial freedom. We believe that investing in yourself and obtaining the right combination of training and hands on experience is critical to success in this business.

Our one-on-one mastery programs provide extensive training designed to accelerate your learning curve to complete your first deal sooner, build your real estate business faster and to reduce the risk associated with challenges and obstacles that many investors encounter.

Are you currently trading your time for money by working for someone else? Start your road to financial freedom today by doing what successful people do. Successful people rely on mentors, coaching and training to implement their goals and reduce the risk associated with business challenges. Wealthy people don’t trade their time for money. They have a good understanding of the opportunity cost associated with doing activities that contribute to building their wealth.

It is our goal to inspire those who are new to the business and to promote growth for seasoned investors. Your success and financial freedom through real estate is our mission! Browse through our educational programs to determine what is best for you and request a free strategy session to obtain guidance in mapping out your real estate plan.

Rehabber Pro Mastery Mentoring

Mastery is our one-on-one flagship mentoring program that allows investors to reach their goals faster through our intensive training designed to give you hands on training. In this program you will be surrounded by other like minded investors who you will be able to mastermind with and leverage their knowledge, experiences and resources. We are in the trenches of real estate daily working on deals and sharing with our students the ups and downs of the business. Your personal mentor will be there to guide you through the process. Are you looking to flip houses or are you looking to buy and hold for long term wealth? Choose which direction works best for you or learn both strategies to accelerate building your real estate business. Start your road to financial freedom today and start working towards building your wealth one house at a time.

Rehabber Pro Mastermind Mentoring

The Mastermind Mentoring Program is designed to put you in a group with your peers. The members of this group thrive and grow from sharing their experiences, challenges, goals and encouraging each other. In a mastermind group you are able to accelerate your learning curve, get real answers, see things firsthand and get feedback from peers. We offer training and coaching through these meetings by hosting various guests who are full-time real estate investors. We teach on various topics from wholesaling, buy/hold, multi-units, short term rentals, fix & flip, passive income, multiple streams of income, wealth building and much more... We believe in taking you through the trenches of real estate by giving you hand-on access and experience.

Rehabber Pro Dealmaker

The Dealmaker Program is designed to teach you the process for finding distressed properties and/or motivated sellers. The Dealmaker Program will teach the techniques for cold calling, researching, negotiating and getting paid. The Dealmaker Program allows new and experienced investors to work with the Rehabber Pro team composed of team leaders and support staff while using our systems and tools to achieve success. We will take you through the trenches of wholesaling to achieve the goal of finding deals and wholesaling them to other investors. The Dealmaker Program allows real estate investors to learn while you earn.

Wholesaling Coach

This Virtual Wholesaling Program will teach the techniques and processes for running a successful virtual wholesaling business. You will learn how to consistently finding motivate sellers. Learn what to say and how to say it, so you can successfully negotiate with sellers and buyer to maximize profits. Work from home and wholesale anywhere in the country. Learn what markets are hot and what markets are not. Learn how to avoid the mistakes most beginners make and bring home more money in less time. How much money do you want to make?

Virtual Training

Learn how to estimate repair cost. The key to a successful real estate project is buying the property at the right price. If you don’t buy it at the right price then you are on the road to failure. Learn why the scope of work is the most important element to your success and is critical to determining your repair cost. Learn the process for evaluating a property, knowing what to fix, know what adds value, and what things cost. We provide you with the tools, resources and information to understand the process for estimating repair cost.