The Rehabber Pro Meetup meets virtually the 2nd Saturday of every month from 10am to noon. You can register to attend the Zoom Meeting here:

Rehabber Pro Meetup is your resource for buying investment properties and flipping houses. Get connected with investors, realtors, contractors, information, education and others in the industry. Learn all about the real estate market, how and where to buy properties. 

Rehabber Pro’s vision is to provide our community of investors with an environment to share, learn and grow their real estate businesses. We hope to inspire those who are new to the business and to promote growth for season investors. At Rehabber Pro we will take you through the trenches to see real world experiences, which will show you everything you need to know about buying investment property and renovating property.  By joining the Rehabber Pro family, you will be able to access a variety of resources, network and mastermind with experienced investors, in addition to learning how to successfully buy and rehab houses. Your success and financial freedom through rehabbing is our mission!

Rehabber Pro Virtual Bus Tour & Estimating Repairs

Virtual Bus Tour & Estimating Repairs Workshop

The Rehabber Pro Virtual Bus Tour & Estimating Repairs Workshop is an immersive one day event that teaches you how to properly evaluate properties, create your scope of work and estimate repair costs for properties you are looking to buy and renovate. In this workshop we breakdown each area of the house and look at the repair cost and order of renovation. This virtual bus tour gives you the opportunity to virtually walk through several investment properties with an expert real estate investor, realtor and licensed contractor. This will allow you to see multiple investment properties in various stages of rehab as well as give you tips and tricks for estimating repairs. 

Saturday April 27, 2024 9AM - 4PM Virtual Bus Tour & Estimating Repairs Workshop