Tweet ThisChoosing the right contractor is part skill and unfortunately part luck. Just like choosing a good tenant, you have to do your due diligence up front. A good contractor, like Ideal Construction LLC, will understand what is realistic, offer alternative solutions to problems as they arise, and in a best-case scenario, create options for making your budget, time frame and vision all work together. But how do you select a quality contractor to turn your renovation dreams into a reality? Here are a few tips.


You need to have a very strong vision of what you want your completed renovation to look like. Design elements and priorities may shift as you move through the project, but you need to know what it is you asking your contractors for. As a general rule, Tweet Thisyou should interview three contractors, and you want to make sure you are presenting the same project to each contractor. If you ask them to provide an estimate, without providing specifics, you can end up with wildly different quotes – and very different finished projects.


Once you know what you will be asking of your contractor, ask other rehabbers or friends and family. Local contractors with a history in your community – and references- tend to be more reliable, as they have a reputation to maintain.  Do be wary of a contractor who is hard to pin down or get in touch with. A solid contractor will want you to be able to get in touch with him easily – and will want the same from you.


Speaking of communication, Tweet Thisyour contractor should be willing to provide price bids, payment schedules, specifics about the work to be done, as well as a breakdown of the budget for materials, labor, etc., in writing. Always, always get it in writing. If a contractor hesitates to put it in ink, it’s time to find a new contractor.


Keep in mind that your ideal contractor will ask lots of questions, ensuring that he understands specifics regarding your rehab plans, and that he can deliver within budget.  Don’t necessarily assume that the lowest bid is the best bid. An experienced contractor will be honest about costs and capabilities, not just tell you what you want to hear.


It goes without saying that you should obtain and verify any and all required licenses and insurance. Don’t just go by their word.  Also Tweet Thisbe sure that they are properly insured for the work you are hiring them to do.  Some contractors will have workman’s comp insurance for drywall work because it’s affordable. Unfortunately it will not cover their guys if one of them hurts themselves while doing roofing work on your house. In a situation like this you are the one who many times gets stuck with the liability, as unfair as that sounds.

Choosing your contractor is an important part of the rehab process. If done right, your stress levels will be down and your profits up!


Mr. Hairston has been buying, selling, managing and renovating property for the last 10 years. He has completed over 80 transactions totaling over 20 million dollars in residential and commercial real estate. Mr. Hairston has found his passion in residential real estate. He takes pride in helping investors find investment properties and works with them to renovate these distressed properties in an effort to keep neighborhoods stabilized. Being an investor has helped Mr. Hairston in his ability to advise and assist others in completing successful renovation projects. Mr. Hairston is dedicated to helping both investors and homeowners realize their dreams.