This post is going to be short because I am going to be blunt. It is very important that you pull permits for all your jobs when required by your local government. Keep in mind the process serves to protect you as the property owner and ultimately your new buyer.

The local government is there to make sure your contractor is in compliance with the local building codes for their particular trade. Tweet ThisIf you are completing renovation projects without pulling the necessary permits you may be working with a contractor who is not licensed and/or is not insured and should a problem occur you may be liable.

Please don’t take the risk, use the process that your city or county has in place to properly protect you and your buyer. Tweet ThisBuilding codes are constantly changing in an effort to protect everyone. Also don’t assume that you only need permits for electrical and gas.

Yes, failures in these trades can most likely cause major damage. However, Tweet Thismany investors underestimate the problems that can occur from not properly knowing how to demo a house or properly framing and knowing the difference between load bearing and non-load bearing walls. Tweet ThisEvery aspect of your renovation is important and it only takes one failure to damage the property and even worst injuring or causing a loss of life. So, take the time to understand the permitting process and what specifically you need to pull permits for in your local area.


Mr. Hairston has been buying, selling, managing and renovating property for the last 10 years. He has completed over 80 transactions totaling over 20 million dollars in residential and commercial real estate. Mr. Hairston has found his passion in residential real estate. He takes pride in helping investors find investment properties and works with them to renovate these distressed properties in an effort to keep neighborhoods stabilized. Being an investor has helped Mr. Hairston in his ability to advise and assist others in completing successful renovation projects. Mr. Hairston is dedicated to helping both investors and homeowners realize their dreams.