January 22, 2021

As a real estate investor we are always looking for deals. Therefore we need to fill our pipeline with potential leads on a regular basis. So, let me share with you 3 ways in which your local REIA (Real Estate Investment Association) will keep leads flowing through your pipeline on a regular basis.

  1. Start building your leads immediately by networking at your local REIA  meetings. Networking and getting on other investors and wholesaler buyers list is a good way to immediately get leads coming to your email. It should be your goal to get on as many buyers lists as possible.
  2. Join any local real estate Meetup groups (www.meetup.com). Most of these groups have email groups where they share information, deals and other real estate related products and services. This can be a very effective way of getting leads on a daily basis. These leads will be coming directly to your email constantly.
  3. Check out the web sites for your REIA club and other local clubs and see if they have forums or private Facebook groups you can join. These forums allow you to discuss various real estate topics in addition to sharing with you local investment community what you are looking for. You can post in what areas you are looking for leads and share your contact information.

So, lets recap these strategies: The first strategy was to start attending and networking at your local REIA meetings; second strategy was to join local meetup groups and make sure you are on their email group lists so opportunities will  start showing up immediately; third is to go online and look for real estate forums through your local REIA groups’ web sites and other local real estate club web site forums and start posting your buyer requirements. These are just a few strategies to get you started. Good luck and start building your flow of endless leads today!

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