Homebuyers nowadays start their home search online prior to coming to the house.  Therefore it’s important to give them a good idea online of what the house looks like. Your first impression will determine whether they ever even visit the house.  In today’s market a majority of the marketing effort is just to get them to come see the house.  Tweet This So, let’s look at a few things to consider for getting a quick sale.                                                        

Professional Photography

As the saying goes a pictures says a 1,000 words and in today’s market that is an understatement. Your pictures are everything. You need to have 25 to 30 pictures with your listing and they need to be done very well. Hire a professional photographer to capture your wow factors and selling features of your house.


It’s always important to have a good realtor on your team especially if your objective is to obtain a quick sale. Many of your good agents already have buyers ready to go and if your house fits their buying criteria you may have a sale before it’s even listed. Take the time to search for a good realtor and meet with them to discuss your objectives for selling your house. Tweet This Some investors will opt to list the house themselves using a flat rate listing service.  While this definitely saves money on commissions, the time and effort you would need to expend to manage the showings and sale of the house will take away from other activities more important to your bottom line -like finding more deals!


Staging is a good way for buyers to visualize the layout of the rooms and connect with how they can use the spaces. This may be difficult if they are looking at pictures of an empty house.  Consider staging the most important areas of the house. You have probably heard the saying that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. So, start there by staging the kitchen and bathrooms! Next consider staging the living room and dining room. These are areas that people try to determine if their furniture will work for the space and these are also the first areas a buyer typically sees when they walk into the house. Give them a good first impression by staging the living room and dining room. Additionally it’s a good idea to stage the master bedroom since this is another space that is important to most buyers and typically they may need help to visualize this space. Don’t assume because it’s easy for you to visualize how the spaces in your house could be used that your buyers will be able to do the same. Frequently they can’t, and the perception of an empty house is not what you want your buyers to see. You want them to see a home, and a home must have something in it that gives them that sense of home.  It is a known fact that staged houses sell faster and for more money.

Remember you are not selling a house you are selling a home. Tweet This

Mr. Hairston has been buying, selling, managing and renovating property for the last 10 years. He has completed over 80 transactions totaling over 20 million dollars in residential and commercial real estate. Mr. Hairston has found his passion in residential real estate. He takes pride in helping investors find investment properties and works with them to renovate these distressed properties in an effort to keep neighborhoods stabilized. Being an investor has helped Mr. Hairston in his ability to advise and assist others in completing successful renovation projects. Mr. Hairston is dedicated to helping both investors and homeowners realize their dreams.