You have just finished your rehab project and prior to starting the project, you have read and learned that staging your house is the best way to maximize your profits when selling it on the market.  However, you may not have a budget for staging as staging can be costly depending on many factors.  However, there are ways to stage your home while on a budget.  Here are 6 tips to staging your property while on a budget.



No one wants to have an unclean home.  When putting your home on the market, you will want to be sure that the whole house is spic and span.  Make sure that the kitchen is very clean and looks new.  Make sure that all of the windows look very clear and new.  Clean the debris that has been left behind from the rehab of the house.  Sweep up the leaves on the outside of the home.  Pick up any trash that may be in front of the home, or even down the street from the home.  Pick up all the rocks and pebbles that may have chipped away from the cement.  Clean the siding of the house.  You want your house to look clean and presentable.  Some homeowners will spot a little dust or a cobweb in one corner of the house while the rest of the house is clean but still will not want the house.  Make sure that you clean the house completely and then clean it again.



When you hear the term “First impressions last forever” when referring to selling a house, it is very true.  However, most people think that the term is only referring to the inside of the home and not as much on the outside.  When staging a home, you will want both the interior and the exterior to both be presentable and pleasing because there are some potential buyers who could see very nice interior photos of your home online, but as soon as they pull up to the house and see the exterior not in such great shape, they will have decided that there is no point even going inside.  Once a buyer has formed their first impression about a house, whether positive or negative, they will spend the rest of their time at the house justifying their impression- either finding things wrong with the house if they get a bad first impression, or finding things they like about the house if they got a good first impression.  The first impression will be formed within the first 10 seconds of the buyer entering the house, so the front exterior and presentation just inside the front door are crucial.

When staging a home while on a budget, there are things that you could do that will make the house stand out.  Add a new doormat in front of the house.  Replace the house numbers of the house.  Replace the mailbox with a new one.  Paint the front door.  Patch up any cracks in the siding or bricks.  Fill in missing parts of the cement.  Paint the railings.

Potential homebuyers love new homes.  Even when they know that the home had previous owners, the fact that everything about the home is new and updated will be a deal maker at times.



Refreshing your landscape plays hand and hand with minor updates to the exterior of the home.  By doing so, it will make the house stand out from the rest of the houses in the area.  Trim the bushes and make them neat.  Clean up any fallen leaves and dead flowers.  Pull up roots.  Set new soil and mulch.  Plant a new flowers.  If there are no flowers, plant a nice flower bed.  Treat the grass and keep it cut.  Cut low hanging branches out of the trees.  These small affordable things will make anyone fall in love with a house.



When someone walks into a room in the house, they should know immediately what the room is used for.  Staging is a work of art.  If you have 3 bedrooms, set it up so that one room feels like a master bedroom for the parents, and another room feels like the small girl’s room, then the last one can look like a small boy’s room.  If the house is very open, make sure that one part looks and feels like a dining room and another part looks and feels like a living room.  Make the basement look like a large living area.  If you have the space, make another room in the basement to look like the exercise room or the kids play room.  Make sure that each room has a defined purpose when staging.



Smells can really affect anyone’s mood and emotions.  When you walk into a place that smells unclean, you get turned off and will turn the other direction.  If there is no smell at all, you may not have much feeling at all.  But if there is a nice smell that makes you feel good about yourself and feel good about the place you are in, this can sway your mood.  Make sure that the house smells pleasant.  Place air fresheners in the bathrooms and hallways, use aromatherapy.  Open the windows on breezy days to freshen up the house.  Make sure the house smells pleasing and welcoming.



Small things that make a home feel like home cannot be ignored when staging a home.  To make the home feel like home, make sure you do little small things such as place matching towel sets in the bathrooms or place window curtains on the windows.  Place accent pillows on the couch.  Place fresh flowers in a nice vase to set on the island in the kitchen.  Do not forget the small stuff.


These tips can help stage your home when you are on a budget.  Small budget staging is better than no staging at all.  Staging will help you sell your home for much more than you expected and you will also be able to sell it faster than expected.  Remember, “First impressions last forever.”



Michael Moreno has been investing in real estate since 2008. He completed a year of real estate training at Investors United School of Real Estate where he was inducted into the President’s Club. He has attended numerous real estate seminars around the country including David Lindahl’s Apartment House Riches Bootcamp and Syndication Bootcamp, and Robyn Thompson’s Ugly House Renovation Bootcamp, among others. He is a member of the Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Investor’s Association, the Baltimore Real Estate Investors Association, and Steve Cook’s Lifeonaire FlipVIPs mastermind group. He has completed 50+ and counting single family renovation projects in and around Baltimore, and currently holds and manages rental houses in Northern Virginia and Baltimore City.