Buying a house is an emotional experience and knowing what your buyers want and expect in a particular market is important part of getting the house sold. I often share with my students that even before you start making offers on properties in your selected area, go look at the houses for sale. Attempt to find houses that have been recently updated and see what investors are doing in your area. This will help you with ideas for your own rehab.

So what is a wow factor? A wow factor is something that is going to stimulate that buyers emotions and get them excited about buying the house. You should start by looking at the curb appeal because this is the first impression of the property before the buyer even enters the house. You could paint the door a unique color or a color that gives a good contrast. This is the theory behind using the red door in the picture below; however, it doesn’t have to be red it could be blue. One exterior wow factor could be double front doors, decorative front door or front door with side-lights. Nice landscaping is another aspect that can jazz up the curb appeal. A large driveway and/or garage can be very attractive options for some buyers.


Once you get inside start with your key areas; kitchen, bathrooms and master suite. These are three of the primary areas for wow factors and this holds true pretty much in every market. In the kitchen you could add recessed lighting or under-mount cabinet lighting. Adding crown molding to your cabinets and installing a nice backsplash can create nice wow factors. You can also consider things like an island or breakfast bar with pendant lighting. Your appliances could also add to the wow factor for your kitchen. Consider upgrading to a nicer appliance package if you have the budget.

Next up are your bathrooms. Your material selection here is critical to creating a wow factor. You want a nice contrast in your color selection. You can also add things like double vanities, rain shower heads, jetted shower, jacuzzi tubs, separate shower/tub setup, double shower heads, frameless shower doors and marble tile to name a few. Spend some time looking at pictures online especially on Pinterest and You can get some really good ideas on colors, design and layouts that give your next bathroom a unique wow factor.

Consider creating a master suite if possible, this can be the wow factor that sells the house. We always look for opportunities to create a nice master suite. This is about creating a space that is functional, a good size, and includes it’s own master bathroom and walk-in closet if possible. The wow factor here is more about the design, location and functionality of the space for the master suite. The master bathroom should be where you also add the additional wow factors I highlighted above for the bathroom.

Enhancing these spaces will add intrinsic value to the property and your buyers experience as they walk through the house. Pay special attention to the areas I have identified and this well help you to sell your house fast once it’s finished. Remember to add some wow factors, they equal value in our buyer’s eyes. Good luck with your next rehab project!

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Mr. Hairston has been buying, selling, managing and renovating property for the last 10 years. He has completed over 80 transactions totaling over 20 million dollars in residential and commercial real estate. Mr. Hairston has found his passion in residential real estate. He takes pride in helping investors find investment properties and works with them to renovate these distressed properties in an effort to keep neighborhoods stabilized. Being an investor has helped Mr. Hairston in his ability to advise and assist others in completing successful renovation projects. Mr. Hairston is dedicated to helping both investors and homeowners realize their dreams.