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Getting Started & Finding Deals Workshops

Saturday February 27th  2021
Getting Started Workshop 9AM-12PM
Finding Deals Workshop 1PM-4PM

Virtual Workshop on Zoom

Getting Started Workshop 9am-12pm

Are you looking to get started in Real Estate?
Where, when and how you need to get Started?
What's the best strategy for 2021?

Saturday February 27th 9am - 12pm we will help you Get Started.
Find out first hand what you need to know about finding your deals. We
will provide you with the resources you need to be successful in real estate.

Getting Started for Rehabbing Success
Finding Your Why
Entity Creation
Building Your Real Estate Team
Evaluating Deals
Establishing Your Buying Criteria
Farming Your Area

Finding Deals Workshop 1pm-4pm

Stop Struggling to "Find Deals"
Are you looking to find your first deal?
Are you concerned about funding your deal?
Are you having trouble analyzing deals?

Let us show you how find deals in today's market. Find out first hand what strategies are working and what's not. We will show you how to "Find Deals".

Learn how to analyze deals and make offers to get the deal under contract. Learn the benefits of working with others to find deals.
We Will Be Covering The Following Topics:

Get Deals Under Contract Without Using Your Money
How To Make Money Using Others People Money (OPM)

Come Find Your Money Partner
Our Top Strategies for "Finding Deals" in 2021
Finding Off-Market Deals
New Tools We Use For Finding Deals
Find Out About Partnering On Deals
Marketing Strategies For "Finding Deals"
Finding Deals on Online
Finding Deals on Privy
Making Offers

Don't miss this workshop on "Finding Deals"
Generate Cash to Build Your Business!

RehabberPro will help you get in the game by addressing 3 major problems:

Getting Started

The activities and the legal documents that get you out of the gate and into your first deal.

Funding Deals

Realize brokers, banks and other money sources want. their money to work. Their money is not working if they are not lending it to investors.

...Bus Tour

Put together the your skills and find your first deal.

Okay, that sounds good, but will this really work for you? Here's how you can apply this to your real estate investing goals in just 3 steps:

Here's what people are saying



“ Great meetup. If you want to learn about parts of the rehab process for better understanding for your own rehabs now or in the future, you need to be at some of these. Last meetup was about scope of work, estimating and lots of conversations about contractors that was very informative. Marcus and Michael definitely give out a ton of info. Lots of other like minding people there to learn and network with. I’ll be there again. ”


“ Great Class , Im glad I have joined there is so much KNOWLEDGE Mike and Marcus has on rehabbing . Also members of the group readily pass on knowledge they have gained. I have no experience so you want to be around people that are actually doing it. Im looking forward to the next classes. ”


“RehabberPro Meetup (On site Scope of Detail) First time I was able to attend and I did not know what to expect but wow what a great group to be around. Wether you are a first timer or someone with many years of experience they welcomed us with open arms, went over many aspects of a detailed scope of work, opportunity to walk through a future rehab project and network with great individuals. Thank You For your efforts Marcus and Micheal. Will definitly be attending as many as possibly in the future. ”

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