January 22, 2021

Things to Consider When Creating Your Scope of Work

Are you looking to create a scope of work for your next rehab project? A good contractor is going to ask you for your scope of work. This is one of the most important things needed to get your project started. This is the official document that initiates your project and outlines the details for what needs to be completed.  The key to a good scope of work is to include details regarding what you want done in each phase of the project and outline any specifics or special requests.

 So where do you start? Well I’m glad you asked.  It would be a good idea to look at what other rehabbers are doing in your area. This is important because you don’t want to over rehab. Don’t waste money on things that aren’t necessary or that won’t add value to your project. This is where duplicating your competition can be a good thing.

Another resource for helping you create or confirm your scope of work would be your realtor. Ultimately they have to sell the property when it’s been completed.  Get your realtors opinion on what needs to be done.  Ask their opinion on ideas you have. You may want to consider working with an interior designer or someone who has experience with fixing and flipping houses. You should add a few wow factors in your project.  Wow factors can be incorporated in areas where renovations were already planned. For example, adding a Jacuzzi tub instead of a regular tub would be a wow factor. Wow factors are anything that will appeal to the buyer’s emotion to buy the house. It’s something special or extra that adds emotional value to your project (kitchen islands, breakfast bar, under mount lighting for kitchen cabinets, double shower heads, Jacuzzi tubs, enhanced lighting, etc…)

Your scope of work should detail all the work being performed. A good scope of work will eliminate confusion between you and your contractor. The more detailed the better and less room for error.  Your description of the work should not leave any room for questions.


“Paint the bedroom walls antique white flat finish, ceilings – ceiling white flat finish and doors/trim semi-gloss bright white finish.”

 You should also get feedback from your contractor to tweak your scope of work especially with regard to any layout issues. Ultimately you make the final decision on what to include or exclude, however, it’s good to get the help and feedback from the people on your team.  Your scope of work is a project management tool for outlining the details of your project. So invest the time and resources necessary to complete your scope of work.

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